Welcome to Pragmalogic SatCom Solutions

We provide smart IT solutions for Satellite Communication Providers.  Our software enables you to run your  business smoothly, add value to your services portfolio and let your customers gain control over the services you provide them.

We are specialized in, but not limited to, Inmarsat products and technology, especially the I4 and I5 services (BGAN, Fleet Broadband, GSPS). We have a track record in:

If you want to use IT technology to add value to your SatCom business, we are ready to assist. Not only by providing the software solutions you need, but also by partnering on innovation in your product portfolio. Our customers like to work with us because of our pragmatic approach.

Besides the bespoke development projects we do for our customers, we also have a number of ready-made products that can be rapidly implemented.

Feel free to contact us and find out what we can do for you.

  • Convenient overviewIBIS Billing provides easy to use reports that will give you
    instant insight in the usage patterns of your customers
  • Detailed AnalysisIBIS Billing allows aggregate your billing data
    or to drill down to the finest level of detail.
  • Intuitive ActionsIBIS provisionoing is easy to use: Select the SIM cards
    you want to work with, and choose which action you
    want to apply. Get a card activated in a matter of a few mouseclicks.
  • Done with ComplexityWith IBIS provisioning, you no longer need to work with
    the complexity of the Inmarsat BSS or its APIs.
    IBIS takes care of it.
  • Keep track of your devicesRemote Terminal Manager provides a clear overview
    of your devices, along with their actual status.
  • SCADA in one goRemote Terminal Manager can monitor and control
    your IsatData Pro terminals, as well as the sensors
    that are connected to it.