IBIS Provisioning

Everything you need to configure and provision your Inmarsat services

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IBIS is the next generation provisioning platform for Inmarsat I4 services. Whether you are dealing with BGAN, M2M, Isatphone, Swift Broadband or Fleet Broadband, whether you have prepaid or postpaid services, whether you operate your own infrastructure for data services or use Inmarsat’s, IBIS Provisioning gives you and your customers full control, via an easy yet powerful user interface.

Cater for the whole distribution chain

IBIS is used at all levels in the distribution Chain. Inmarsat Distribution partners get their provisioning process automated. Their customers get online access to manage their own services.

Care for your customers

Your customers will be able to log in to the customer portal, where they can review the status of their services, and fully configure them. They will no longer require your assistance when they need to activate or suspend a SIM card, when they want to top up their prepaid services, or want to make changes to the service configuration.

Easy service configuration

The service configuration of IBIS is so straightforward that even inexperienced customers can do the job. They simply expand the service configuration of their SIM cards, and check the options that they want. IBIS takes care of getting it all synched up with Inmarsat.

Service Configuration

Integrate with your own POP

If you have implemented your own infrastructure for handling IP data services, IBIS can be set up to integrate with your POP, too. This includes features like IP Address management, access control, quality of service monitoring and control.

Stay informed

IBIS provides comprehensive operational and management information. Easy to use filters make it simple to find the details you need.

Fiilter Options

You can design your own reports to support your strategic decisions.

With IBIS provisioning you own and have access to all of your provisioning data. If you have external reporting tools, just tap in to the database.

Forget about vouchers

If you work a lot with prepay services, IBIS will make your life much easier by providing you the option to inspect the prepay balance of your SIM cards and simply top them up, without the need to use vouchers.

No more need for Inmarsat BSS

With IBIS provisioning, your staff will rarely use the Inmarsat BSS anymore, and they will appreciate this. Typical tasks are done in IBIS in a fraction of the time compared to the Inmarsat BSS.

Support BGAN M2M

IBIS is tailored to the specific needs for BGAN M2M projects, and can provide useful information for the operational management of M2M installations. It offers full integration with the Inmarsat Remote Terminal Manager system.

Rtm Actions

Rtm Actions

Empower your staff

Where inexperienced users can activate a SIM card in just a few mouse clicks, advanced users can configure the services up to the lowest level of detail if they want. Your support staff has full access to the provisioning structures that are exchanged with the Inmarsat platforms.

Integrated Billing

IBIS Provisioning can be set up as an add-on module of the IBIS billing platform. This results in a single portal that takes care of all the business processes around your satellite communication services.

Keep innovating

IBIS is continuously evolving, with at least 3 scheduled releases per year that come packed with new functionality. Whenever Inmarsat introduces new services, IBIS is ready to manage them.

Customize your IBIS

IBIS is designed in a flexible way that makes it possible to implement extensions on top of the core platform. This makes it possible to adapt the platform to your specific business processes rather than the other way around.