IBIS Billing

Everything you need to serve your satellite communication customers.

IBIS is the next generation billing platform that is specifically designed to cater for the needs of the satellite communications industry. It was first introduced to the market in 2012 and is now used by several leading Inmarsat Distribution Partners and Service Providers. IBIS is much more than just a system to generate invoices. This fact sheet gives the main highlights.

Download the IBIS Billing factsheet.


Cater for the whole distribution chain

IBIS is used at all levels in the distribution Chain. Distribution Partners and Service Providers use it to sell services to their customers; dealers and resellers use it to review their commission; customers use it to monitor and control their traffic.


Care for your customer

Your customers will be able to log in to the customer portal, where they can retrieve their invoices, keep track of their satellite traffic in real time, configure traffic monitors, and manage their own services. The support system streamlines their interactions with your customer service department.


You can define which actions (such as SIM card activations) can be done by your customers themselves, and which ones need to be escalated to your back office.

Add value to your invoices

Customers can organize their services in Cost Centers and get their invoice charges split out accordingly. Customers that use SCAPs (a single subscription for multiple terminals) will be delighted with several options to distribute the costs for a SCAP to individual users.

Multiple invoice layouts and traffic export formats can be set up to cater for the needs of your customers.

Empower your resellers

If you have customers that act as service providers who need to invoice their own customers, they can be set up in IBIS as re-billers. This gives them a whole billing environment for their own business.

You can also set up agents and define comprehensive shemes for commission.


Check your costs

IBIS can calculate the costs that your providers are supposed to charge you. You can use this to validate the invoices you get from your providers and to calculate your margins.

Monitor your customers’ costs

IBIS enables you and your customers to monitor and their traffic in real time, and generate alarms where needed. This way, your customers can avoid billing surprises, and you can prevent bad dept. Traffic can be monitored in dollars, in volume used, or in remaining bundle amounts. When thresholds are exceeded, your or your customer gets alarmed and optionally the services can be automatically suspended.

Manage your entire portfolio

 Whether you are an Inmarsat Distribution partner with just I4 traffic, or a service provider selling services from many different providers; IBIS can cover it all: BGAN, Fleet Broadband, IsatPhone, IsatData Pro, Iridium, Thuray, as well aso older services like Inmarsat C, Mini-M and many more.

The IBIS mediation system makes sure that the call detail records are loaded automatically in real time with automatic validation for  duplicate records. Graphical tools and alerts assist you in making sure you have collected all call records before producing your invoices:


The mediation platform can easily be extended with additional record formats if needed.


Get meaningful information

IBIS has some very useful graphical built-in reports that assist your operational processes as well as your management decisions.


You can use the reports to make intersections of your traffic, or to analyze how it evolves over time.


Besides the pre-built reports, you can also define your own reports, and export your report data to external sources like Excel. In case you have external reporting tools, these can also be used.

Integrate with your business

IBIS has a flexible way to configure data exports that can be used to feed your Accounts Receivable system, as well as the Accounts Payable systems of your customers. Besides this, IBIS can integrate with your corporate administration for inventory management and customer administration.


IBIS is tailored to the specific needs for BGAN M2M projects, and can provide useful information for the operational management of M2M installations. It offers full integration with the Remote Terminal Manager system.

Host by yourself or in the cloud

For small-scale startups IBIS is available as a cloud-based service. For bigger installations it is also possible to host IBIS in your own data center.

Include your other services

IBIS is not limited to bill for satellite services only. It can deal with prepaid services, rentals, incidental charges, occasional use, VSAT services, and your own specific value added services.

Capture payments

You can use IBIS to capture the payments made by your customers. This way, IBIS can keep track of your customers’ account balance and include that on the next invoice. IBIS can also be integrated with Credit Card payment authorities. This way, you can set up your customers to pay (automatically) by credit card.

Automate service configuration and provisioning

IBIS can be integrated with our provisioning platform. With this option, you can use IBIS to configure your Inmarsat services (or let your customers do this), and get everything provisioned automatically to Inmarsat.

Define sophisticated price plans

Price plans can be as simple as just specifying a markup percentage to your provider’s prices, or as complex as creating SCAPs, bundles and dependencies on location and time. IBIS price plans can follow all the pricing structures that are used by providers like Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium.


Get more

IBIS has many more features than what’s described here. A brief summary:

  • Multi-currency support
  • Support for partial CDRs
  • Tax Calculations
  • Pro-rating of incomplete billing periods
  • Customizable user interface
  • Single Sign On with your existing portal
  • Powerful tools for data migration
  • Easy way to manage billing errors
  • Extensive auditing capabilities
  • Intrusion detection

Get the most out of your staff

IBIS is friendly to both experienced users and beginners. Power users get access to advanced tools such as batch uploading large data sets, which makes their work very efficient. Inexperienced users will appreciate how the system guides them through their tasks, resulting in minimal error rates.

Keep innovating

IBIS is continuously evolving, with at least 3 scheduled releases per year that come packed with new functionality. Our customers have a big influence in new features that are added to the system.

Customize your IBIS

IBIS is designed in a flexible way that makes it possible to implement biller-specific extensions on top of the core platform. This makes it possible to adapt the billing platform to your specific business processes rather than the other way around.