The Pragmalogic approach

As our name hints, our approach is centered around pragmatism and logic: We create working solutions that make sense. These are the ingredients that make our projects successful:

We start from ideas instead of requirements

It is typical for the projects we do that at the start of it there is no list of requirements available, but just an idea. With our knowlege of the satcom industry, we can partner with you to further detail the idea until it is concrete enough to convert it into a list of requirements and/or a prototype. This way we assist our customers in developing their ideas, and we make sure that the systems we deliver meet  those ideas. You will not easily run into a situation that some key functionality is missing just because you forgot to write it down in the requirements.

We are not afraid of changes

Have you ever outsourced an  IT project, and half way in the development phase you realized that some of your requirements had to be changed? How did your vendor go about this? In many cases it will result in lenghty change request procedures, re-negotiated project schedules and costs.

Pragmalogic recognizes that insights develop over time. We use prototyping to facilitate this process. We understand that the world doesn't wait for us to complete a project. We use short development cycles to make sure that you have a solution that caters for today's wold, while we work on a solution that will work for next week's situation.


We do not impose a fixed project methodology

Pragmalogic does not use a fixed project methodology. If your organisation is used to a particular project methodology, we are happy to use that, making it easier for you to incorportate the project into your own organisation. Having said that, we do have our preferences. We like working with prototypes because they are an excellent way to get feedback from key users on a design, while preparing the users for what to expect during acceptance testing. We also prefer short development cycles as used in Agile development.

We value tailor made solutions


Compared to other system integrators, we are moderate in using packaged software (such as ERP and CRM systems). Although these systems typically have very rich out-of-the-box functionality it often turns out that they lack the specifics for niche markets like the satcom industry, and can be quite costly to customize.

Especially in the area of creating value added services, we see the following benefits of tailor made software over packaged software:

  • Lower license fees: By eliminating packaged software, you save out on the license fees and yearly maintenance fees for these packages.
  • More flexibility: Packaged software is usually good at doing the things that it does out of the box. When you need it to do more than that, you quickly run into high costs and severe limitations.
  • Clear responsibilities: a tailor made solution is one system from one vendor; if something is wrong, it's clear who is responsible: We are.

We are not sensitive to hypes

The IT industry is very sensitive to hypes. Who still remembers the "Client-Server" architecture of the  80's or "thin client computing" that was popular in the 90s? What about "Enterprise Application Integration" that was buzzing around in the 00s? And today, all software is supposed to be "Cloud-based".

Obviously, each new invention in the IT industry has its merits, but often they are over-boasted and they don't necessarily apply to your situation. At Pragmalogic, we are aware of the latest developments in IT. We pick the useful concepts and technologies for you, leaving the hypes for what they are.