Customer Self Care

With satellite communication services becoming a commodity, customers focus on price more than ever before, and margins are under pressure. This demands for a high level of cost efficiency. A very good way to achieve this is by implementing customer self care: Your customers will be able to help themselves via the internet rather than calling your customer service department. This saves time and money. But there is more.

Besides the cost savings, customer self care also brings a competitive advantage because customers get quicker and more accurate service (get a terminal activated in just a few minutes) and always have an up to date insight in their services.

Our solution for new Inmarsat Distribution Partners

We have a complete Customer Self Care system for Inmarsat I4 and I5 services (BGAN, Fleet Broadband, GSPS). Inmarsat Distribution partners can use this system instead of the Inmarsat BSS, and let their customers use it, too.

Our solution is fully integrated with the provisioning systems of Inmarsat. This guarantees quick and fully automated provisioning of activations, barrings, etc. We also integrate downward in the value chain. If you have customers that require their systems to interact with your provisioning system, we can facilitate that. Do your customers want to pass on the self-care capabilities of your system to their customers? We can arrange delegated self-care.

The system comes with powerful reporting capabilities and a very flexible user interface that can be easily configured to fit your corporate layout.

Optionally, this system can be extended with

  • Billing capabilities
  • Integration with an existing billing solution
  • Integration with your IP Data POP.

A standard system can be set up and configured in a matter of days. We can also adapt the system to your specific needs.

For other satellite products such as VSAT and Iridium we can provide similar solutions.

Proven track record

Pragmalogic is very experienced in the area fo Customer Self Care solutions:

  • About half of the BGAN / Fleet Broadband and GSPS terminals activated to date have been activated with software provided by Pragmalogic.
  • Our solutions are always up-to-date. Whenever Inmarsat introduces a new product or pricing model, we are ready for it. We have been in the business of provisioning inmarsat services since the very start of the BGAN product, and we have a well established relationship with Inmarsat.
  • The solutions we create are being used by both big and small companies.